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Analog Products

Enterprise Image Management

True Enterprise Image Management Solutions employ ZERO and/or Ultra-thin-clients; this makes the deployment of client applications on the LAN, SAN and/or WAN a simple process that involves virtually no IT support from the customer side. Recall from our previous discussion that an image viewer needs to meet four design and performance criteria in order to be a true enterprise viewing solution:

  • Ability to be Widely Deployed – small download for the client application, fast installation, no reliance on OS services, no servicecalls, administrator permissions not required, auto-upgrading client, minimal end-user training.enterprise_image_Management
  • Efficient Use of Bandwidth – adaptive streaming with server-side computing (no patient data are ever transferred to client devices), operation over low bandwidths (2 Mbps), built-in security via TLS encryption (no VPN required).
  • Servers for the Enterprise – highly scalable, extremely dense(small footprint – service many simultaneous users), 2U and rack-mounted, fault tolerant configurations, very cost effective for the enterprise.
  • Complete Set of Tools and Features – any expected tool or function is available, system is highly configurable and customizable regarding the GUI and tools at the group and user levels, access controls; any advanced or simple clinical function needed within the enterprise can be provided via the system.
  • DICOM Distributon - Viewing solutions are built and deployed under processes that are ISO-13485 certified, the system is cleared for diagnostic and clinical use by the US-FDA, and fully HIPPA compliant.
  • Provide a single web solution to extend your existing PACS
  • Access image and report information from legacy PACS
  • Extend imaging tools beyond the radiology department
  • Integrate departmental mini PACS with enterprise PACS
  • Acquire images from various modalities for global access
  • Bypass complicated data migration processes 

Digital X-Ray

Diagnostic Workstations

There are two classifications of digital viewing workstations, Diagnostic and Clinical (also known as Review). The distinguishing characteristics are resolution and functionality, based primarily on the monitor and the software. These workstations may be part of a PACS or may be third-party systems that work in conjunction with a PACS.  The workstations are capable of receiving DICOM images from a modality or PACS and producing additional radiological reports, measurements and images, which can then be sent to another DICOM device, such as an archive. DICOM Distribution offers Three Full Featured diagnostic WS including.

  • 24/7 LEAD Customer Support
  • 200 Years of Medical Experience
  • PACS, RIS, CR etc. supported all from one lead company.
  • Fully Dicom and HIPAA Compliant.
  • Proven technology that is working in Hospitals, Imaging Centers and Clinics
  • Reference Accounts

For more information, please contact 877-434-2661 or email info@dicomdistribution.com.

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